Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Breakfast Club

As the saying goes, 'Breakfast like a king'. It has always been my favourite meal of the day for some reason. A boiled egg and soldiers on a rainy Sunday morning, a hearty bowl of porridge before work or strong coffee and bagels in the city of New York. There is something about setting yourself up for the day in the best way possible- after all, make yourself a healthy breakfast and you are much more likely to continue eating healthily for the rest of the day.

Lately, I've become a huge fan of the breakfast smoothie. I was bought a mini-blender a few years ago and nowadays, it is never out of use. The beauty of a smoothie is the speed and simplicity on busy mornings. Grab a handful of your favourite fruit, some milk and a few oats and you have a perfectly healthy way to keep yourself nourished until lunch time.

They can also be surprisingly cheap. I tend to buy frozen fruit in bulk and keep it in the freezer to use in the morning and Alpro has a great range of dairy-free alternatives in their range, including Almond, Hazelnut and Coconut milks to name a few.

The great thing about making your own is not only that you will be saving your pennies from buying branded smoothies but also that you'll know exactly what is going into them. No juices from concentrate, added sugar or hidden flavourings- just natural and fresh fruit.

Here are a few of my own crafted favourites:

Berry Boost Smoothie:

This one is great before or after a run.

-1 ripe banana
-A small handful of frozen berries (try raspberries, blueberries or strawberries)
-A tablespoon of oats- (Buy a big bag of porridge oats and it will last you ages!)
-A tablespoon of low fat whey protein powder
-A teaspoon of Acai berry powder
-200ml of Almond milk

Mix it all up in the blender and drink it from a tall glass. Very refreshing and a great energy source.

Coco Loco:

This smoothie is a great weekend treat for the summer months and tastes like a holiday cocktail! Coconut milk is not only delicious but versatile too. Pour it over your cereal, use it in your cooking or mix it with pineapple juice for a virgin Pina Colada.

-A small handful of frozen pineapple and mango.
-A tablespoon of chia seeds.
-200ml of coconut milk

Blend until smooth and enjoy. For hotter days, add some ice cubes and a cheeky cocktail umbrella and pretend you're on your jollies.

Banana & Nutella Smoothie:

This smoothie is a little more indulgent and tastes great. It has a lot less sugar and nasties that shop-bought juices and milkshakes have, so it is worth a go if you want a chocolatey treat.

-1 ripe banana
-A tablespoon of raw Cacoa powder- (a little goes a very long way!)
-200ml of hazelnut milk 
-Low fat vanilla whey protein powder

Blend until smooth and serve in a tall glass.

The great thing about these smoothies is that you can pack so much goodness into one drink. Be creative- there are some great goodies in your local health shop and there are a wide variety of fruits to try!

Happy creating!