Friday, 30 May 2014

Travel bucket list

I've never been one for wanderlust. I love visiting new places but the idea of travelling around the globe over a matter of months scares me a little. I love my home comforts and also love the variety and stability that regular trips brings. Rather than putting down my life's savings on a once in a lifetime trip, I love city breaks to new places and week long holidays in the sunshine exploring the cultures of another country. I have a long list of places to visit in my lifetime and I've been lucky enough to already visit some of those. There are still plenty to explore, though! Here is my list of places to go and things to do, in no particular order. I'm sure it'll be ever growing, so watch this space...

Visit New York and drink Starbucks whilst gazing at the cityscape.
Visit Rome and put mine and Liam's initials on the Love Lock bridge.
Drink mulled wine at Berlin's Christmas markets.
Spend a long lazy weekend viewing Barcelona's architecture.
Experience a husky ride in Lapland.
See the parade and fireworks at Disneyland Paris.
Visit the Guinness factory in Dublin and indulge in a pint of the black stuff.
Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco.
Drink Dark n' Stormy cocktails in New Orleans.
Climb to the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.
Go and see the castle from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Bulgaria.
Buy (and consume) delicious chocolates in Bruges.
Ride a gondola along the canal in Venice.
Visit the French Alps.
Take a picnic in the park below the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Enjoy the view on the Amafi Coast.
Take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg.
Bathe in the volcanic mud bath of La Soufriere, St Lucia.