Monday, 9 March 2015

Pick of the Best Gym Kit

While January marks the beginning of the time for good intentions, many have managed to see their fitness resolutions through until Spring. Myself and my boyfriend began a new gym routine in December and somehow, have managed to stick to it - totalling four decent sessions a week. For me, exercise is as important for mental health as it is for physical health. Running has always been a way for me to zone out, focusing on my breathing and mileage and as I get fitter, I can't help but feel mentally stronger too.

At the moment, I'm particularly keen on alternating my runs with some of the Les Mills classes. Body Attack is a high-energy and high-intensity workout that makes me feel like I'm really using my body and increasing my fitness, while Body Balance serves perfectly for laid-back Sunday mornings after a Saturday afternoon run.

One thing I'm passionate about at the moment is decent gym wear, simply because there is so much good stuff out at there at the moment for decent prices. Nothing spurs you on to work harder, run faster or lift heavier than good kit - so here's my pick of the best.

A good sports bra is a must. Good old M&S have really upped the ante with their amazing range - this high-impact bra is just £18 and is pretty as well as functional.

Eye-catching kit is actually a bit of a motivational booster if you don't fancy hitting the gym. These striking leggings are a much more exciting choice than baggy jogging bottoms, although possibly not for the faint-hearted or those worrying about the state of their thighs. 

A decent top that makes you feel comfortable and confident is one of the basics for a great gym kit, which is why I love this leopard print sports top from H&M. Subtle print, great cut and under £10 - it is also worth checking out the rest of their sportswear for good technical kit at pocket money prices.

Even New Look have got on the sportswear bandwagon! Their slogan tees and brightly-coloured vests are great for slipping on before a gym session but this one is one of my favourites for its motivational message.

Decent running trainers are important to me because I walk everywhere and don't want my poor feet to suffer! If the extent of your gym sessions are low-impact workouts and laid-back classes, it isn't worth spending that much on trainers, which is why these ones from New Look are great. Maybe I should just purchase a pair anyway?

What is your favourite place to purchase gym kit from?