Thursday, 31 May 2012

Birthday cake

Although it only Thursday, this week has been nicely busy one already and with the jubilee long weekend coming up as well as seeing Coldplay tomorrow, I'm having a really lovely time at the moment. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday so I had a rather self-indulgent day shopping, reading in Starbucks and then eating Chinese with my family.

As the weather has been hotting up, I am desperate for some summer clothes so I headed to old favourite New Look for some affordable pieces I could wear in the sun. I found these high-waisted shorts as part of Kelly Brook's new summer collection, comfortable as well as very flattering. As well as these, I managed to grab myself this fail-safe floral sundress (my wardrobe is full of them) and a swallow print tee which I'm sure will serve me well for the Isle of Wight festival this summer. The best bargain, however, was this lovely red lace dress which was cut down from £26 to £12. I cannot wait to team it with a pair of black heels, leather jacket and envelope clutch for a night out in Lancaster. All in all, I spent around £50 on these pieces- a bit of a bargain I think you'll agree!

After feeling all shopped out, I headed to Starbucks for a half-price Frappuccino and to continue reading Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy which I am hooked on). After a lovely chinese meal with my family, we all headed home to watch The Apprentice. A very rock n' roll birthday, I know. As I'm not a big fan of birthday cake, my Dad had the sweet idea of purchasing some ice-cream instead. I've since opened the freezer to discover four whole tubs of Ben and Jerry's that I sense will probably last us for the next few months. I'll definitely have to be doing double sessions in the gym!

Of course, as well as a lovely day I got some equally lovely presents from friends and family. Pictured below are all the amazing gifts I got. I felt completely spoilt! Liam filled a gift bag with goodies, including DVDs, The Sex and the City box set, Eclectic Eccentricity jewelry and Vera Wang perfume as well as tickets to Coldplay and Matilda the musical and some money for driving lessons and buying new clothes (since my old clothes are getting too big for me now as well as a bit tatty.) My parents also gave me some money for new things as well as the lovely blue heart necklace in the photo.

All in all, it was a lovely day and very tame indeed- I seem to be all partied out nowadays. Proof I really am getting old.

(From L-R: DVD's of Sex and the city, The Help and One Day, EE Necklace (with meteorite attached to it!), EE seahorse earrings all from Liam, Accesorize diamante cherry necklace from Lauren, River Island gold tape measure necklace from Laura, Blue heart necklace from my parents, Green 'Do not publish' notebook from Rachel with Waterstones voucher, Tickets for Coldplay and Matilda the musical from Liam, Handmade bunting from Laura, My starbucks birthday treat to myself, Vera Wang perfume from Liam.)