Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Sunday Review

This week has been nicely busy. Among job applications, gym sessions and driving lessons, I managed to slot in a job interview and a few extra bits here and there. This weekend has been wonderfully relaxing and consisted mainly of reading in the sunshine, watching Eurovision and ambling through town. Here is what I've been filling life with this week...

I have been wearing...My new favourite dress from Dorothy Perkins. I purchased this dress a few weeks ago after buying the leopard print version and loving it so much, I bought it in every colour and pattern available. This dress with a pair of Ray-Ban lookalikes and tan brogues combined with the glorious weather almost made me feel like I was swanning around the French Riviera. Well, a girl can dream. 

I have been listening to...Silenced by the night by Keane. Admittedly, I have always harboured a bit of a secret love for mainstream indie music. In my early teenage years, I was a big fan of Keane and was surprised to see them making a comeback this year- a little older and a little less miserable. This song is brilliantly catchy and emotional, if not a little predictable- rhyming the words 'light' and 'night', who would've thought it? 

I have been reading...Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. After reading The Hunger Games recently, I was eager to see if the rest of the trilogy was as good as the first book. I'm not usually one to buy in to these teen franchises (Don't even mention Twilight) but I have to say I am really impressed with the originality of these novels. So far, I am a quarter of the way through and finding it hard to put down. 

I have been lusting after...This lovely dress from Glamourous UK. With the weather hotting up as well as the fact that it is my birthday on Wednesday, I'm looking to nab myself a lovely summer dress. Glamorous UK was recommended to me by a friend and after checking out the website, I have been impressed. Hopefully I'll be ordering this beautiful little number very soon.  

Finally, here is my week in true Instagram blogger style.

Soaking up the sun, Catching Fire, 
Peppermint green nails, Frappucinno happy hour, 
Farringdon station, Starbucks and The Great Gatsby.

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