Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nobody's Perfect- and that includes Jessie J

As an unashamed X Factor fan, I was apprehensive about BBC's new talent show The Voice. It was the unique format, however, that enticed me to watch the first episode. I've since found myself watching it every Saturday night for the last three weeks- perhaps an indication of the exciting life I lead as an intern living with her parents! Whilst the show itself is unique and sometimes reveals some great singing talent, there is one thing I cannot stand. That 'thing' is Jessie J.

Her dip-dyed purple hair, her loud clashing shirts and more importantly, her arrogance- they all grate on me. Tipped as the top music act for 2011, she arrived on the scene with attitude, singing about how she could 'do it like a dude' whilst wearing leather leggings and swinging her impossibly small hips. She was fresh, she had an edge- every pop cliche you could imagine was used alongside her name. She spoke in a cockney drawl and exuded confidence, making everyone aware that she was from the 'street', not a pop puppet from theatre school. Granted, she was a Brit school graduate- but didn't that make her even cooler? I mean, come on- this girl had rubbed shoulders with Adele before she was even famous.

The thing is, fame does things to a person. Whilst Jessie looked cool last year when she was singing on about how it most definitely wasn't about the 'money money money', she was actually earning quite a lot of it not to care. Soon enough, the once outspoken but likeable Jessie got a bit big for her boots. With her mantelpiece now displaying numerous awards from the likes of The Brits and MOBOs, Jessie started to believe her own hype and became a right royal pain in the arse.

 Choosing to accept the offer of being a coach on The Voice is easily the worst decision Jessie could have made. Unfortunately for her, being sandwiched between a music producer such as and the legend that is Tom Jones (we won't mention Danny for obvious reasons) is not doing her any favours whatsoever. Throw in the fact that Jessie is still only 23 years old and appears to have only been around for five minutes, and you can see why her credibility is flailing. The stupid expressions, attempts at witty remarks and arrogant demeanour are doing nothing for her career and go against her 'down to earth' persona that her fans originally warmed to.

As long as I'm skint and living in a house in the middle of nowhere, I'm sure I'll be sticking with The Voice. With any luck, Jessie will stop the name-dropping, silly faces and embarrassing attempts at humour and in weeks to come, we might see a whole different side to her. If she doesn't pipe down and chill out soon, I'm sure she'll be saying goodbye to her pop career for good.