Sunday, 15 April 2012

Jean Genius

I’ll be honest, I’m sick of seeing Kate Middleton’s face spread across the newspapers each morning. Whilst I’m sure she is entirely pleasant, the consistent coverage of what exactly the princess is wearing is leaving me bored. However, whilst I am ambivalent towards her, I can’t help but admit that Miss Middleton definitely has an influence on the fashion pack. This was apparent when just a few weeks ago, Kate was pictured wearing a pair of coral coloured Zara jeans whilst playing hockey. A day later, Zara had sold out and New Look was announcing that they were selling a lookalike pair at a bargain price. Those jeans had caused pandemonium in the fashion world and girls everywhere refused to have their denim without the added attraction of a splash of colour.

I’m not strictly a coloured denim fan at all, having remembered the trend the first time around when red skinnies were adopted mainly by teenage girls with asymmetric fringes and a love for My Chemical Romance. Up until only recently (and by recently, I mean yesterday) I didn’t even own a pair of jeans. Yes, you read that right. I have spent the last four years in dresses and leggings. Sometimes jeggings if I’m feeling adventurous. And yet, I forgot how fantastic jeans can be for your shape. Yesterday, I kicked off my saggy old leggings that are fast becoming a size too big for me and wriggled myself into a pair of jeans. The effect was instant. Slimmer legs, better silhouette and an arse that could rival the other Middleton sister. I quickly snapped them up in both black and grey.

Coloured jeans, however, are a totally different kettle of fish. Whilst various shades of black, grey and navy are entirely acceptable to me, the thought of going for a stroll in a pair of lilac skinnies makes me feel a bit queasy. Whilst I have seen them look fantastic on many, I have a feeling that the coloured denim trend is not for me. Not only are bold shades slightly unforgiving on a curvier figure but they also make me feel a little like an on-duty children’s television presenter. Somehow I think I’ll be sticking to my muted colours and clashing patterns and leave the rest to the likes of K Middy and friends. At least I’ve taken the first step and can finally call myself a born-again denim wearer.