Sunday, 16 November 2014


It would appear that life has taken hold again and kept me from blogging, not that I regret not writing. My new day job has kept the creative side of my brain busy for the last few months, and sometimes it is nice to experience new things and embark on new adventures without knowing they have to be captured digitally. Nonetheless, this is a very belated post on my friend Chris' marriage to his childhood sweetheart Laura.

Set in the heart of Lancashire, The Gibbon Bridge hotel is as picturesque as you might imagine. Lush greens, stunning mountainous surroundings, and a charming bandstand where the ceremony took place. We arrived in the afternoon, just in time for the rain to clear and the sun to shine and after a few glasses of wine, settled outside to watch the ceremony unfold. From a delicious meal to heart-warming speeches, a quirky photo booth, a few too many glasses of champagne and a fantastic band - it was a beautiful wedding. The best part is that I was reunited with my best friends for the first time in around four years - my friend Rachel and her boyfriend Amir even travelled from Singapore to take part in the celebrations. A truly unforgettable day and evening. Congratulations Chris and Laura.