Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Shadow of the Wind

Due to Mum having a week off and the sun finally making an appearance, this week is actually shaping up to be pretty fantastic. Beginning the week with afternoon tea yesterday was certainly a highlight- and things got better today as I spent the afternoon soaking up the sun with my favourite book. With the promise of my first ever manicure on Thursday afternoon as well as drinks with one of my best friends on Friday night, I almost feel like I'm having a holiday at home this week!

A graduate of English Literature and a keen reader from an early age, I often have a book on the go. Ask me my top favourite books and you'd be suprised at an eclectic mix- from angst-ridden Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar to Frank McCourt's beautiful Angela's Ashes. Still, The Shadow of the Wind is still the best book I've ever read. First recommended to me when I was sixteen, I bought the book for a friend's birthday (with her being a book lover too) and forgot all about it. It would take me another three years to acquire my own copy and read it from cover to cover- and I haven't looked back since. Beautiful, tragic, heart-felt and full of mystery and intrigue, it is a book for everyone. I also love that it is set in Barcelona- the description of the spanish landscape combined with the fact it is beautifully written means it will stay on my bookshelf forever.

 Blue skies...