Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Sunday Review

The first day of March today marks the beginning of spring time for me - I'm so glad that my walks to and from work can now be done in daylight! Today also marks seven weeks until the big Disneyworld holiday of a lifetime and I'm getting increasingly excited. Here's what I've been up to this week...

I have been reading...Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse. Hailed as the new 'Gone Girl' (just like every other thriller written in the last few years), I had high hopes for this book. While it was enthralling at the beginning, the ending was a little disappointing and predictable. 

I have been listening to... Florence and the Machine. With her new single 'What Kind of Man' played on the airwaves this week, I've been getting increasingly excited about the new album coming out in the Summer. If the new release is anything to go by, it sounds like its going to take on a bit more of a rocky feel - perfect for festivals!

I have been watching...Cucumber. Seriously, if you haven't caught up with this brilliant Channel 4 drama, get yourself on 4OD and start watching. Based around the gay scene in Manchester, it focuses on a man having a mid-life crisis and the things that go on around him. This week's episode was truly haunting and well worth a watch.

I have been....running. Again. This week I'm a little proud that I managed to run five miles in 50 minutes and I'm hoping to make my way to six miles next week - doubling the amount that I usually do. I'm currently in training for the Cancer Research Pretty Muddy race in July - my Justgiving page is here if you fancy donating a few pennies! 

Wishing you all a wonderfully lazy Sunday. I'll be on the sofa with a pile of magazines and a large coffee.