Thursday, 8 January 2015

9 Things Friends Taught Us about Style

With my favourite American sitcom hitting Netflix this month, it's time to take a look at the style lessons learnt from over ten seasons of Friends.

                                                  1. You can go too far with fake tan.

One misunderstanding in a tanning booth will leave you looking like an oompa-loompa on steroids. 

2. Never let your boyfriend do your make-up for a big night out...

Credit: Pinterest
..or you'll end up looking like this. Sophisticated like a hooker? 

3. Not everyone can carry off braided hair. 


Even when singing Bob Marley songs.

4. Go easy on the teeth whitener.

Unless you want your jaws to glow in the dark, that is.

5. Blue lipstick never looked good on anyone.

credit: Tumblr
Even you, Ke$ha.

6. Never let your friends cut your hair.
You could end up looking like Dudley Moore, rather than Demi Moore. 

7. When in doubt, wear denim.


Apparently not just for the nineties.

8. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, less is more.
Never one to upstage the bride. 

9. If all else fails, a turkey makes for a great accessory.

Nothing says 'game for a laugh' more than wearing your Thanksgiving dinner.