Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Sunday Review

I seem to be so busy right now without a moment to spare. Last Friday I managed to grab a quiet Friday evening with one of my best friends - plenty of pampering, films, magazines, pink cupcakes and delicious home-made Green Tea Mojitos. I've spent this weekend scouring the shops for presents for my Mum's 60th birthday as well as booking three amazing holidays. We'll be off to Rome for five days in September, followed by a long weekend in Bruges come Christmas and most importantly, two weeks in Disneyworld next April. Yes, that's right. I'm going to meet Mickey Mouse in the Sunshine State! Excited doesn't quite cover it.
My week in instagram. 
(L-R: A beautiful commute to work, Lucy's cupcakes, Revlon's lip crayons, Green tea Mojitos, Rapunzel & Sleeping Beauty on my desk at work...)

I have been listening to...Kings of Leon's Mechanical Bull. 
When this album came out in September of last year, I heard nothing but poor reviews. Despite my love of the band, I was a bit put off and didn't bother purchasing. Fast forward nearly a year and I've found myself humming along to a lot of the released singles. I love listening to this at work - its the perfect combination of meaningful slow numbers and up-beat rock tunes to keep me motivated through the afternoon.

I have been watching...New Girl. I'm pretty pleased that the new series of New Girl is finally being aired. I did miss my weekly Tuesday Zooey Deschanel fix!

I have been reading...The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. In short, this book was brilliant. I loved the intricacy of the individual stories, the development of characters and the wonderful twists and turns. A must-read for anyone who loves a thriller. 

I have been lusting after...Fearne Cotton's beautiful wedding dress
I know Fearne is a bit of a Marmite character, but I've always been a big fan of her sense of style. How beautiful does she look in this wonderful Pucci dress? 

That's all for this week. I'll be in my duvet trying to avoid Wimbledon on telly! Enjoy!