Friday, 23 March 2012

Lust List

This week has been a particularly busy one. In between fitting in gym sessions and working full-time, I also had my first driving lesson. Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to getting back in a car next week. Liam has been in Aberdeen at a conference this week so I've had some nice me-time to catch up with Skins and New Girl too. I also had a little splurge in aid of my first official wage packet and finally bought those red suede boots I was lusting after. Thankyou ASOS for the free delivery and 25%- it was too hard to resist!

This week's lust list has a bit of a beauty feel to it. Although I've always been a bit of a beauty junkie (the amount of points on my superdrug rewards card speak for themselves), I'm beginning to think that working in Beauty PR is rubbing off on me!

I'm always a fan of the newest beauty fads. Nail art is becoming increasingly popular with the sales of magnetic nail polishes and crackle paints hitting the shelves. This week, however, it was the caviar nail craze that caught my eye. This pretty polish by Ciante is available in three colours- black, white and multi-coloured and gives a three dimensional effect whilst also looking pretty glam. Anyone else think they look just like the hundreds and thousands you might sprinkle on your cupcake?

I have always loved Soap and Glory and my bathroom is now filled with the gorgeous products. I love everything about them- from the retro packaging to the great scents- and what's brilliant is that they really work. One of my favourites is The Righteous Butter- a really luxurious body butter to rival Palmer's Cocoa Butter that smells as good as it looks. Seeing as summer is nearly upon us, I'm looking to make sure I have the smoothest skin possible and I'm sure Flake Away would help. With Soap and Glory's Original Pink fragrance, it is a must-have for anyone who wants to pamper in the shower and feel glorious. 
When it comes to perfume, I tend to stick to the fragrances I love. For the last three years, I have made my way through the Vera Wang Princess range, having originally become hooked on Rock Princess. At the moment, I'm using Glam Princess but have alternated between the fragrances in the range for a while now. Whilst wandering around the duty free on holiday, I came across Vera Wang Princess Night and just had to have a spritz. With wild berries, watermelon and raspberry, it smells wonderful and still has the signature vanilla and musk that makes the Princess perfumes so appealing. Definitely one for the list. 

This product is actually something I already have, but I'm putting it on the list because it is too wonderful not to mention. Pond's Cold Cream has always had good press for being a fantastic beauty staple, used by the likes of Nadine Coyle and Kylie Minogue to name but a few. My favourite in the range is the Hydronourishing day cream which provides great moisturisation and a great base for make-up. It feels pampering for the skin and the scent brings me back to childhood for some reason. I remember my mum using Oil of Evening Primrose when I was a child, and this cream contains an extract, so perhaps that is the smell I love so much. 
I've got to admit that I have always been a bit nervous when it comes to self-tanning. For someone that looks like Casper the friendly ghost the majority of the time, I have always wondered whether I'd end up looking more like Katie Price than the desired Sienna Miller look. Horror stories of patchy skin and orange hands have always meant that I've stayed away from putting any kind of tanning product on my skin. However, L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze comes highly recommended. With a micro-diffusion spray, there is no need to rub in and no need for patchiness. Perhaps this is one tanning product that I should go ahead and try. At least when I feel brave enough!

That's it for this week's Lust List. Happy Weekend, everyone!